Ballistic Vest Shop - Modern Ballistic Vest for you with best possible pricing!

Ballistic Vest Shop is official wholesale distributor for several leading European ballistic vest manufacturers, selling modern ballistic vests to EU countries. Ballistic Vest Shop operates as extension to manufacturer sales forces, reaching both corporate and private customers.Our position between manufacturer and end user is unique, since we act as a wholesale sales office reaching both private customers and new potential distributors. As we use moders eCommerce tools, we operate on low-cost structure and are able to provide manufacturer best possible pricing for any quantities. All warranty issues are backed up by the original manufacturers.

Our ownership is 100 % Finnish and our operative sales office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. All products ordered leave straight from manufacturer stock. As you place your order, we process it and ensure everything goes as planned. In case of any problems you will always reach our customer service.

 We guarantee that:

1. All products are genuine, unused and having full manufacturer warranty and certified ballistic performance as described.
2. Your money, credit card and personal information is safe with us. We use only up-to-date modern data security and will not give your information to anyone.
3. We deliver as promised and as our customer you always have full access to your order status.

At the moment we are building our network of resellers in all EU -countries.  Please contact us if interested.

Best Regards, Ballistic Vest Shop